Leather and Linen Clothing


These are two custom clothing types: leather and linen clothing that can be made using  only leather / only flax, respectively. They’re available in the Tailor’s workshop with the regular options; villagers will use them the same way.

Villagers’ preference will be to get the game’s Warm Clothing, then the regular one, then the leather one, then the linen one if they don’t find anything else. Leather and linen clothing keep slightly less warm than the regular clothing; the linen option is less durable than that and the leather one slightly more. Other than that they’re the same.

Both dresses have custom icons and show in the barns titled “Leather Clothing” / “Linen Clothing” (for those languages where I changed the strings ‒ when I wasn’t sure I used the original “Clothing” title). I haven’t changed the texture of what the villagers are wearing; maybe I’ll add that later. The main purpose of this is just to be able to make clothing with fewer resources, and have the result be a little less fancy as well (unlike changing the recipe but producing the same thing as before, which I would find a bit cheaty).

Made for 0.9.6127.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

This requires Worker Defaults to be installed for the villagers to be able to choose any custom clothing (by default, the game uses hardcoded values taking only the game’s built-in options into account).

The screenshots are taken with a custom user interface installed that’s currently in testing here (FV modding group on Steam) ‒ but you don’t need that in order to use the clothing. The “Tailor’s workshop” (originally “Weaver’s workshop”) has its name changed because of this mod (various interface text edits).

Note that in 0.9.6127, the game won’t show resources in the City window that are stored in custom storage buildings ‒ there is a fix for that here. So if these clothes don’t show for you in the City overview, that is likely the reason (it’s got nothing to do with the resource type, just with the building).

Also, if you want a larger City window to accommodate different resource types, you can get that here (or use the custom GUI linked above).


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