Decorative green shrubs | 0.9.6127


16 of the in-game shrubs as decorative shrubs. They work just like these decorative flower shrubs.

The shrubs require no build time or resources and don’t do anything in game but look pretty. They do not perish. Available in the deco section with a hay icon; the shrubs themselves have custom icons as of 0.9.6127 (see screenshots). The orange colour on the icons is added by the game, like it does with all menu icons — if you’d change it to something more neutral, the icons will look more normal as well (they aren’t edited themselves).

Note that when you place them while the game is paused, they will turn into a “mini building site” first (like the lamp or signposts); immediately when you unpause the shrub will show again.

Shrubs 1–5 and 7–9 (on the screenshot above, counted from top left to bottom right) have a collision line (so villagers cannot walk through them), the rest do not since they are so flat/small that villagers could easily walk through/over them if they were real. Note that it may have unwanted side effects if you place the shrubs so that villagers get stuck entirely.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)


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