Primitive Tools | 0.9.6127


Introduces a new kind of tool (and edits the name of an existing one): primitive stone-and-wood tools that can be made by woodcutters.

These take longer to produce and are less durable than the game’s simple tools, but are useful when starting from scratch so that villagers have at least some kind of tools available before they can build a carpenter or blacksmith. The work bonus of these is 1.1 (carpenter tool: 1.2, improved tool: 1.4).

This requires Worker Defaults to be installed, otherwise workers won’t be able to use these tools. This also requires FVModSync 0.3.1 (and up) since earlier versions don’t handle default lists.

These have a custom icon and imageset; will show up in the city window too (you may want to use this mod for making the city window larger).

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

2017-04-01: Updated for 0.9.6127
2017-03-21: Updated for 0.9.6112

Contents / What each file does:

  • cfg > Localization.csv: Strings for the new tools; also changes the name of the game’s “Primitive tools” to “Simple Tools” (since “Primitive” sounds like they are the worst kind, but now they’re not any more).
  • cfg > normal > craft.csv: Recipe for the new tools — removed in 0.9.6127
  • cfg > normal > resParams.csv: Parameters like durability, what icon they use, work bonus and so on — removed in 0.9.6127
  • gui > imagesets > pbox.imageset, pbox_images.png: Custom imageset + accompanying image file (should overwrite any existing one if your unpacking thing is capable of preserving the original timestamp of the file (I don’t know if they all are))
  • gui > schemes > GameLook1.scheme: adds my imageset to the game scheme
  • scripts > Worker_findBetterTool.lua: Overwrites that function from Worker Defaults.
  • scripts > pbox_sawmill_simple_init.lua: Makes the sawmill use a custom list for its craft options, instead of just firewood
  • scripts > SawmillSimple_craftRecipes.lua, Worker_toolOptions.lua: Adds the new tools to both lists.
  • scripts > configs > pbox_craft.lua, pbox_resParams.lua: Same stuff that used to be in the csv files (see above), as of 0.9.6127

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