Logical Transport | 0.9.6127


Edits the amount of stuff that villagers can transport, along the lines of basic physics and common sense and 1 × 1 . When a villager can carry eight logs at a time, and a woodcutter cuts each log into three pieces of firewood, then how many pieces of firewood can they carry?

Also makes it so that when a villager carries something, and they don’t have a barn/warehouse to bring it to, said something will be dumped on the floor instead of vanishing into thin air.

For the inventory-dropping script to work, you need the Worker Defaults mod. If you don’t have that, the game will never use that function (but do the vanilla thing instead, which is make the resources go poof).

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

2017-04-01: Updated for 0.9.6127
No changes for 0.9.6112. Note that Worker Defaults need to be updated though.


  • cfg > normal > resParams.csv: Edits the resource weights — removed in 0.9.6127
  • scripts > Worker_dumpInventory.lua: Overrides the Worker_dumpInventory function from Worker Defaults.
  • scripts > configs > pbox_normal_resParams.lua: Resource weights (what used to be in the csv prior to 0.9.6127)

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