Realistic Farming | 0.9.6127


This changes some things about how farming works, for more realism:

  1. Farmers now need seeds (one per grid cell) in order to plant anything
  2. For harvesting they will use various different animations depending on plant type (instead of always the shovel)
  3. In order to make it possible to grow flax / wheat / corn which aren’t available in barns with the default startup game, those and also oats are added as wild-growing plants (separate “More Wild Plants” mod, included below)
  4. Allows more workers on fields and in orchards
  5. Fixes the broken “Drain” (“Loosening Earth”) method — added 2017-01-28 — obsolete (fixed in game); I am still using my version though

Seeds are the same resource type that a field will yield; e.g. for oats you need oats, for potatos you need vegetables, etc. Before they start seeding a field, farmers will go “Carrying Resource” from the nearest barn to the field, then start the actual seeding which will consume 1 resource per grid cell; when they run out they go back to the barn to get new seeds. And so on, until they are done with it and proceed as normal.

For harvesting they will use different animations depending on plant type: currently, oats, wheat, corn and hay are defined as “grass plants” that they’ll use a scythe for; potatos are roots that they will use the shovel for; everything else gets the “pick up” animation that gathererers use.

As of 2017-01-28 this also replaces the broken “Drain” interaction (“Loosening Earth”, when humidity is too high) with an alternative version. This is supposed to be fixed in 0.9.6112 (2017-03-15), not sure how it compares now.

Gatherer will autonomously pick up the new wild plants, and farming them is made available right at the start of the game as well. So when you use this mod, the challenge isn’t to send out a ship to “discover” wheat, it’s to collect enough wild grains to be able to start farming it.

Download | Download: More wild plants
How to use (FVModSync installation)

2017-04-01: Updated for 0.9.6127
2017-03-21: Farming updated for 0.9.6112 (wild plants remain unchanged)
2017-01-28: Updated with additional Drain fix
2017-01-27: Updated; fixes an issue with fields incorrectly advancing their work status (which also gets rid of farmers getting stuck because of that). I have also put the wild plants into a separate download: the game currently cannot handle loading savegames when wild plants are missing, so in the event of an update that renders the farming thing incompatible, one can still continue to use the wild plants on their own.

Made with 0.9.6042; not compatible with older game versions.

Note that this is not compatible with my Harvest with Scythe mod since it overwrites the same function, but it includes the same funcionality so you don’t need both. If you don’t change the names of the mod folders, this will load after the harvest-with-scythe anyway (and overwrite it).


What each file does — Farming:

  • cfg > normal > craft.csv: Dummy crafting recipes that consume the seeds
  • cfg > normal > discovery.csv: Adds cabbage and corn to the plants that are available at the start of the game
  • cfg > normal > plants.csv: Increases the harvesting yield of the plants by one (to account for the seed that is consumed — so that farming doesn’t become less effective)
  • scripts > pbox_plantation_updateWorker_updatePlayer.lua: Overwrites the updateWorker and updatePlayer functions
  • scripts > pbox_plantation_onEvent.lua: Replaces the Drain interaction (or rather, the one that runs when the event is called)
  • scripts > config.lua: scripts > configs > pbox_core.lua: Snippet that changes the maximum amount of available workers for gardens and orchards
  • scripts > configs > pbox_craft.lua: craft.csv in a new format (as of 0.9.6127)
  • scripts > configs > pbox_discovery.lua: discovery.csv in a new format (dito)
  • scripts > configs > pbox_plants.lua: plants.csv in a new format (dito)

Wild plants:

  • cfg > normal > resources.csv: Adds oat, corn, wheat, flax as wild plants
  • cfg > resourcesLevelGeneration.csv: Puts those wild plants on the map
  • scripts > configs > pbox_resSources.lua: resources.csv in a new format (0.9.6127)

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