Small Campfire


A “house” in the form of a small campfire, particularly useful for your pioneer villagers if you start from scratch – so they have a place to eat and get warm while they’re busy getting their town up and running.

This houses up to 8 villagers, living quality is really bad (-20) so they will move into real houses as soon as they can. No pregnancy chance, either.

The fire lights up at night and also has a smoke effect during cold seasons. Note that this needs to be put on very flat ground; you’ll probably have to flatten it first (this is because the food sits on the ground – if it were on a slope it would sink into the ground, which looks silly).

2017-04-01: No changes for 0.9.6127
2017-03-20: Updated for 0.9.6112
2017-01-25: Updated with fixed light/deco. Thanks Al!
2017-01-20: Update for 0.9.6042 — the in-game deco (light effect, and food/firewood items) is broken but other than that it is functional.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)


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