Harvest with scythe


For grass (hay), oat, wheat and corn fields, villagers wil use a scythe to harvest instead of a shovel.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

What each file does:

  • scripts > common > buildings > plant.lua: defines the aforementioned plants as grass plants and sticks a condition in front of the harvesting procedures. This needs to override the actual game file so beware of incompatibilities.
local GRASS_PLANT = {["grass"] = true, ["oat"] = true, 
                     ["wheat"] = true, ["corn"] = true,}

if GRASS_PLANT[cell.plantCfg.name] then

The axe animation is a bit strange for this, but right now it is the only one there is (villagers also use it when gathering hay with the scythe).

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