Obsolete: No Santa Hats

Restores the regular hats and other profession items/deco on villagers, instead of the santa hat from 0.9.6032.

Obsolete since 0.9.6042 since the santa hats were removed in that patch.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

What each file does:

  • cfg > professionKit.csv: which professions use what deco on what bone
  • models > people_decor > live > pbox_none.prefab: dummy prefab using the farmer hat at no resolution (for those professions that don’t have deco, like teenagers and labourers)

If you want the santa hat on some professions but not all, you can edit the csv accordingly: put “Bip01 Head” in the “bone” column and “models/people_decor/xmas_hat1.prefab” in “Prefab”.


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