Decorative flower shrubs


These some in-game flower shrubs as decorative items.

They require no build time or resources and don’t do anything but look pretty. Villagers cannot interact with them; they do not perish (at least I don’t think so – I let the game run through winter and the shrubs remained where I put them; see screenshots). See also this post for decorative green shrubs.

2017-04-01: No changes for 0.9.6127.

2017-03-21: Updated for 0.9.6112; please redownload (building scripts have changed with this game version, so older versions of this mod won’t work now any more). The in-game menus have also changed; these shrubs have their own subcategory now – see screenshots below.

2017-01-17: Updated with added collision data, so villagers cannot route through these shrubs. Also added two more shrubs that are vegetables by default (“red” and “blomb”) but have pretty flowers nevertheless. Note that it may have unwanted side effects if you place the shrubs so that villagers get stuck entirely.

2017-01-01: Updated for 0.9.6034; they removed some fields in houses.csv so this needs updating even though there are no functional changes.

Made with game version 0.9.6009.

Available in the deco section with a hay icon; I gave them somewhat descriptive names (like “Deco shrub 4: tall with red flowers”). Note that if you place them while the game is paused, they will turn into a “mini building site” first (like the lamp or signposts; see “Placement” screenshot); immediately when you unpause the shrub will show again.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

What each file does:

  • cfg > buttons.csv: Contains the menu entries. This defines where a menu item goes, what icon it will use, and the names for the strings (the strings themselves are in Localisation). –  removed in 0.9.6112
  • cfg > Localisation.csv: Localised text (English only).
  • cfg > normal > houses.csv: what resources the shrubs need in game, what models they use etc. –  removed in 0.9.6112
  • models > tree > bushes > pbox_citrea_coll.prefab etc: Customised .prefabs with added collision data (added on 2017-01-17)
  • scripts > pbox_flowershrubs_cfg.lua: Contains both the menu definitions and the config (what used to be in houses.csv, buttons.csv)

2 thoughts on “Decorative flower shrubs”

  1. I loved deco plants in Banished, I like having some trees in the village but at times I have chopped them down by mistake, or they eventually die. Can you create deco trees?


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