Small Barn (using Warehouse model) | 0.9.6127


This is a small barn (= storage for food, firewood etc) with half the capacity of the regular one, using the Warehouse model from the game.

I did this mainly for aesthetics; I wanted some storage space in the middle of the woods where the large barn seemed a little out of place.

Requires 90 × log, 40 × stone, 20 × ore to be built (i.e. like the original but no hay); build time is that of the original warehouse. Available in game with the other storage buildings; it has a regular “house” icon.

2014-04-01: Updated for 0.9.6127
2017-01-23: Updated again (window weirdness fixed; was only a cosmetic issue but you may want to redownload).
2017-01-20: Updated for 0.9.6042; scripts work differently in this game version so the old one has become incompatible. Note that you will also need to update FVModSync to 0.3beta to install this (or install it manually of course).
2017-01-01: Updated for 0.9.6034; they removed some fields in houses.csv so this needs updating even though there are no functional changes.
2016-12-30: Updated for 0.9.6032. Will not work with older game versions.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

How it works exactly / what each file does:

  • cfg > buttons.csv: UI stuff – what icon and text to use — removed in 0.9.6127
  • cfg > Localization.csv: Custom text for buttons and description; for the languages I don’t speak I am using the original Barn text
  • cfg > housesVisualResources.csv: Defines where/how the resource visuals (stacks of hay and so on) are placed in game — removed in 0.9.6127
  • cfg > normal > houses.csv: Defines a bunch of gameplay parameters, like what resources it requires to be built, what can be stored here and how much, etc. — removed in 0.9.6127
  • scripts > pbox_warebarn.lua: Script that defines how the model is put together in game, and how villagers can use it (copied from the original warehouse and barn respectively); also includes data from buttons.csv and housesVisualResources.csv as of 0.9.6127
  • scripts > pbox_warebarn_cfg.lua: Configuration (what used to be in houses.csv)

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