Misc text edits/fixes (aka the Engrish mod)


UI text edits, mainly to make the main screen less verbose, plus misc changes and grammar fixes in English and German.

No changes in 0.9.6127 (2017-04-01 patch).
No changes in 0.9.6112 (2017-03-15 patch).
No changes in 0.9.6042 (2017-01-19 patch).
No changes in 0.9.6032 (2016-12-30 patch).
Made for v0.9.6008. Updated 2016-12-16 with two more edits.

Contains the following changes:

  • cfg > Localization.csv (before > after):
    ID 107: Lock the window > Lock window
    ID 114: Close the window > Close window
    ID 210: Pause or resume the game > Pause/Resume
    ID 259: Save current game > Save // localised for all languages
    ID 260: Load saved game > Load // localised for all languages
    ID 297: Loading game level… > Loading …
    ID 304: Resume the game > Resume
    ID 352: Push the button to create new generation code > Push button to generate new map ID
    ID 778: Start the tutorial > Tutorial
    ID 878: Mouse sensitivity in the first-person control mode > Mouse sensitivity in first-person mode
    ID 50: Lumberjack’s lodge > Woodcutter’s lodge
    ID 55: Clay mine > Clay pit // added 2016-12-16
    ID 77: Weaver’s workshop > Tailor’s workshop // added 2016-12-27
    ID 136: Lumberjack > Woodcutter
    ID 159: Lumberjack > Woodcutter
    ID 171: Weaver > Tailor // added 2016-12-27
    ID 192: Show the villager on the screen > Show villager on screen
    ID 196: Number of all adult villagers > Number of adult villagers
    ID 365: Expedition has began > Expedition started
    ID 518: Fast perennials > Fast-growing trees
    ID 519: Normal perennials > Normal-growing trees
    ID 520: Slow perennials > Slow-growing trees
    ID 567: Number of frozen villagers > Number of freezing villagers
    ID 841: Looking after cattle > Looking after animals // since this is used for chicken too; added 2016-12-16
    ID 850: Cultivating > Terraforming // localised for all languages
    ID 866: Small pointer > Small signpost
    ID 867: Big pointer > Tall signpost
    ID 1004: Burial the deceased. Have capacity for 5 corpses > Bury the deceased. Capacity: 5 corpses.
    Plus some grammar fixes in German for those entries (I didn’t go out of my way to find more, since I don’t use the German locale); “Clay mine” is now also translated as “Lehmgrube” (clay pit).

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

See also this post for edited/added strings for resource gathering: “Cutting a tree” / “Collecting hay” is inserted via a script mod when villagers are doing those things.


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