School and tailor as residential houses


Two “new” houses for the villagers to live in, with the models of the school and the tailor (they look perfectly suitable for that purpose IMO, just like regular houses).

Note that these are regular houses – not workplaces. The actual school and tailor are not affected by this.

2017-04-01: Updated for 0.9.6127
2017-01-20: Updated for 0.9.6042 – preliminary update; the lights and deco have gone AWOL in 0.9.6042 but other than that they are working fine so far. Better a less pretty house than homeless villagers ..
2017-01-01: Updated for 0.9.6034; they removed some fields in houses.csv so this needs updating even though there are no functional changes.
2016-12-30: Updated for 0.9.6032. Will not work with older game versions.

They show up in the interface to the right of the other houses, both have the Hospital icon (i.e. a little house with a “+” in it). Both require roughly the same amount of resources as the existing small house – just less wood and more hay (for the roof) – and are a little faster to build than that.

They house four people; pregnancy chance / comfort / solidity is in between shacks and small houses (so they’re kind of “budget houses”). I removed all the deco that is specific for school/tailor purposes (like the school bell and the spinning wheel), leaving only the generic stuff, like window shutters and such.


Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

What each file does:

  • cfg > buttons.csv: Contains the menu entries. This defines where a menu item goes, what icon it has, and names for the strings (the strings themselves are in Localisation). — removed in 0.9.6127
  • cfg > Localization.csv: Localised text (custom text is English only, all other languages copy the text from the small house); csv snippet with ID 9000-9003.
  • cfg > normal > houses.csv: what resources the buildings need in game, how many people can live in them, what models and scripts they use and all that. — removed in 0.9.6127
  • scripts > pbox_school-as-house.lua, pbox_tailor-as-house.lua: scripts that define how the models are put together in game (they both consist of a main model and various little deco items put in different slots on that model with a randomised chance; that’s all those createDecorOnAirTurn lines that reference models/house/decor/shutters7 and so on), the info panel (line 60, CreateWindow; “House.layout” is the GUI layout that the info panel is using), and the functions they have in game.
  • scripts > pbox_school-as-house_cfg.lua, pbox_tailor-as-house_cfg.lua: config files (what used to be in houses.csv)

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