Warehouse as Banished-style stockpile


I replaced the warehouse with a stockpile similar to the one in Banished, because that way I can now start a game without any buildings (normally you need some sort of storage for build materials in order to build a storage .. but this does not need to be built, you can simply place it).

Unlike the Banished stockpile, this is not resizeable — it has a fixed size (5×4 tiles).

2014-04-01: No changes for 0.9.6127
2017-03-20: Updated for 0.9.6112; please redownload.
2017-01-23: Updated again (window weirdness fixed; was only a cosmetic issue but you may want to redownload).
2017-01-20: Updated for 0.9.6042; please redownload.
2017-01-01: Updated for 0.9.6034; they removed some fields in houses.csv so this needs updating even though there are no functional changes.
2016-12-30: Updated for 0.9.6032. Will not work with older game versions.

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

How it works exactly / what each file does:

  • cfg > HousesVisualResources.csv: Defines how and where the resource stacks (the little piled of wood, stone etc visible in game) are placed in relation to each building model: offset x/y/z (this is y-up btw) are all set to 0; length space ( = spacing between stacks, I believe) changed to 0.05; width/length size changed to 5/4, pack capacity changed to 100.
    • Pack capacity seems to be how much of a resource each visual represents; the lower the number the larger the piles will be in game. See this picture for a comparison.
  • cfg > Localization.csv: Changes the word “Warehouse” to “Stockpile” for the English text in the interface. You don’t really need this if you don’t mind your stacks to be called “warehouse” in game.
  • scripts > Warehouse_cfg.lua: Defines a bunch of gameplay parameters (what used to be in cfg > houses.csv). Most of it ought to be self-explaining (build time and resources all set to 0; width/length set to the smallest possible size); less obvious are
    • create texture: internal ID of the texture applied when placing this: I only know 1 (light dirt/sand) and 7 (what this has — dark dirt like on the chicken coop) so far; -1 is no texture.
    • destroy texture: same but for the texture that’s applied when destroying/removing the building in game
    • build mask texture: the “here goes a wall” overlay that’s applied on the ground while building
    • burned/destroyed/etc prefab; prefab steps: the actual model the game will use. I removed those entries.
  • scripts > Warehouse.lua: Defines how this behaves in game.

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