Rustic Wall Bookshelf


A small wall-mounted bookshelf that works like the Maxis “Intellectual Illusion”, but the style is more traditional. It is matching the Maxis “Rustic Wall Shelf” display (the shelf is identical with that), and the “Caress” bookcase ( + variations thereof).

Nine colour variants (all referenced from the “Rustic” shelf, including the one that is unavailable by default), available in Bookcases for 155§. One slot for small deco items.

The shelf sits pretty low on the wall by default; that’s on purpose: it needs to have a fixed height so the routing won’t break in basements, and if you turn on moveobjects and use the 0/9 keys, you can move it up in Build/Buy (you can’t move it lower than the default height though, so I put it this low so it’s at least a little flexible). The screenshot with the little girl shows the lowermost height that is possible (1m). This also aligns with the default placement of the matching wall shelf.

Note that this shelf behaves exactly like the Maxis “Intellectual Illusion”. Currently this means that when e.g. clicking on the shelf and telling a sim to Read Something, they may very well go to a different bookcase and grab their book from there. This is simply how the game works at the moment — this object does not change anything about that. If you think you have routing issues, please test whether they also occur with the Maxis shelf!

Also, if you have an old version of my Moderate/Subordinate Intellect bookcases, you should update that (sims may go to that one to take a book from, and the old version had an issue with TVs on top, so they would reset. That’s been fixed a long time ago though).

The unlocked colour variant for the display shelf (i.e. the Maxis one) is available here (Rustic Wall Shelf Shadow Fix + Missing Colour — this also makes the wallshadow look like on this bookshelf).

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Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 540V/416F
Mid Poly: 445V/324F
Low Poly: 410V/292F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 230V/282F
Low Poly Sun Shadow: 214V/250F

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe. Special thanks to Nuliette and K9DB for being very thorough testers, that was really helpful!