Muse Shelf Add-Ons


These are six single tile shelves ‒ three bookshelves and three display shelves ‒ that match the Maxis “Muse” bookshelf, but are resized to the width of one tile so they sit flush next to each other and can be combined seamlessly.

The displays are regular displays (Base game, for clutter and rocks and so on ‒ not retail shelves; I don’t know if they can be used for stores seeing as I don’t have GtW), found in Surfaces > Displays for 500§/600§/680§.

The bookshelves are in Bookshelves and cost 620§/720§/980§. They use the same tuning as the “Muse” bookshelves, but are regular buyable items (not rewards).

They all have the same colour variants as the “Muse” (textures are referenced) plus two custom ones, white and medium brown.

All of them have slots on top, the tall bookcase also has three slots on the shelves (on the lowermost shelf and on top of the book stack on the topmost one); the displays have more of course. On the “slots” screenshot, the red soap dispensers sit in medium slots, the white dispensers in small ones.

Polygon Counts:

Low display shelf, high poly: 509/277
Low display shelf, mid poly: 357/223
Low display shelf, low poly: 225/119

Medium display shelf, high poly: 430/317
Medium display shelf, mid poly: 399/263
Medium display shelf, low poly: 264/145

Tall display shelf, high poly: 575/375
Tall display shelf, mid poly: 544/321
Tall display shelf, low poly: 326/181

Low bookshelf, high poly: 940/502
Low bookshelf, mid poly: 909/448
Low bookshelf, low poly: 507/255

Medium bookshelf, high poly: 1298/664
Medium bookshelf, mid poly: 1267/610
Medium bookshelf, low poly: 817/412

Tall bookshelf, high poly: 2180/969
Tall bookshelf, mid poly: 1972/915
Tall bookshelf, low poly: 921/470

All high poly sun shadows: 147/237
All low poly sun shadow: 65/95

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape,, s4pe.