CC Wrench Icon Overrides


This is a UI texture override that replaces the gigantic wrench icon on CC catalogue swatches that was introduced in 1.15 with a little plus sign, so that one can actually see the swatch colour (but still has an indication it is CC). On the screenshot above, the brown colour variant is Maxis, the rest is custom.

  • Swatch Icon Override: Download — This will leave the icon on thumbnails unchanged

For the thumbnail icon you can choose from four different levels of unobtrusiveness:

  • Plus sign, Blue: Download — Small plus sign in a blue circle (same blue as the Maxis wrench)
  • Plus sign, Grey: Download — Small plus sign in a blueish-grey circle
  • Plus sign, Light Grey: Download — Small plus sign in a neutral light grey circle
  • No Icon: Download — No icon at all on the thumbnails

See the screenshots below for what each version looks like exactly. Only use one version.

If you want to edit these, they are ATI2N compressed images with a rather weird channel order; I used AMDCompress to convert them forth and back which worked fine (they’ll just be cyan and purple in BMP form). See also this thread at mts for more technical info.

Overrides 0x00B2D882-0x00064DCA-0x09BBBF9DC6153DF9 (Buy/Build catalogue and CAS clothing item swatches) and 0x00B2D882-0x00064DCA-0xD518B5D7A3BBD37F (CAS hair swatches), will conflict with anything that does the same. Be aware there are other UI elements in these files as well, not just the wrench.


AMDCompress,, s4pe.