Modular Plants VI


Some GT plants and planters made into separate items, so they can combined freely (also with various other modular plants/pots).


  • Living Flower ‒ re-meshed from the Living Vase wall deco, 30§, 7 colour variants
  • Timeless Radish ‒ Maxis “Contemporary Radishly” potted plant without pot, 35§, 3 colour variants
  • A Tuft of the Outside ‒ Maxis potted plant minus the pot, 55§, 1 colour variant
  • Lonely Lonely Cypress ‒ “Lonely Cypress” doesn’t even have a pot any more, 360§, 4 colour variants
  • Topiary Pawn ‒ Maxis world object made pottable, 1 colour variant
  • Topiary Bishop ‒ Maxis world object made pottable, 1 colour variant


  • Country Flowerpot ‒ Maxis wall sculpture emptified, 45§, 9 colour variants
  • Simple Country Flowerpot ‒ The same thing minus ornaments, 45§, 9 colour variants
  • Tom’s Empty Flowerbox ‒ Tom’s Flowerbox sans flowers, 160§, 9 colour variants
  • Tom’s Very Empty Flowerbox ‒ Tom’s Flowerbox sans flowers and planter (so one can put potted plants in it), 160§, 9 colour variants

The plants are available both in Buy > Deco > Plants and Build Mode, the planters are in Buy > Deco > Plants.

The topiaries are additional catalogue entries that make the existing objects pottable and put them in Buy > Deco > Plants. They are also available as outdoor plants in fran89’s Liberated GT Objects upload (you can use that in parallel if you want).

The screenshots also show various pots and plants from earlier Modular Plants uploads, see the list in Related Posts for links. The stone floor is from here, the large planters used for the cypresses are from here.

All textures (and in the case of the topiaries, the actual objects) are referenced from the game files, so this won’t work without GT.


Polygon Counts:

Living Flower, High Poly: 551V/479F
Living Flower, Low Poly: 452V/362FCypress, High Poly: 1014V/947F
Cypress, Mid Poly: 859V/777F
Cypress, Low Poly: 730V/645F
Cypress, Sun Shadow: 763V/777F

Flower Box Empty, High Poly: 712V/364F
Flower Box Empty, Low Poly: 592V/300F
Flower Box Empty, Sun Shadow: 216V/300F

Flower Box Very Empty, High Poly: 632V/316F
Flower Box Very Empty, Low Poly: 532V/266F
Flower Box Very Empty, Sun Shadow: 216V/300F

Simple Country Flower Pot, High Poly: 399V/394F
Simple Country Flower Pot, Low Poly: 368V/279F
Simple Country Flower Pot, Sun Shadow: 164V/279F

Country Flower Pot, High Poly: 407V/398F
Country Flower Pot, Low Poly: 376V/283F
Country Flower Pot, Sun Shadow: 172V/283F

Radish, High Poly: 544V/456F
Radish, Low Poly: 348V/236F
Radish, Sun Shadow: 348V/236F

Tuft, High Poly: 428V/340F
Tuft, Low Poly: 380V/292F
Tuft, Sun Shadow: 380V/292F

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blender, Milkshape, TSRW, s4pe.