Two-Tile Yeronga Entry Device


This is a two-tile version of the Maxis “Unbranded Entry Device” door, using the rolled glass texture from beefysim1’s Queenslander Doors (Yeronga Collection). I love their glass textures but I really like two-tile doors as well =).

This is an add-on to the beefysim door — you need to have that installed for the texture to show up.

All of the other textures are referenced from the game files; note that all but the white one are from GP01 (the free holiday patch from 2014). Unlike the Maxis door, this has sensible colour tags as well. Available for 200§ (same as the one-tile rolled glass doors — this is still wrong on my catalogue screenshot because I noticed too late that they had changed the price) in the same 8 colour variants as the original.

A two-tile version of the regular Maxis door is vailable here; a fix for the tag issue is here.

Polygon Counts: Unchanged from the original door.

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TSRW, s4pe.