Harvesting for Children


Custom interactions + script that enable harvesting for children, as well as talking to plants. They will use the generic Swipe animation for the harvesting, which is pretty similar to the regular one except that it has a different sound and no prop.

Does not override anything so it should be pretty collision-safe. The script adds the interactions to the base game harvestable plants, plus the orange tree from this thread (not the lettuce, because that has its own harvesting interactions — they are now available for children too, but you don’t need this mod for that).

For talking to plants, children need at least 2 Creative and 4 Social skill; the interaction builds Social skill. Affects the same plants as below (i.e. not the lettuce — for that you also need to have the current test version from the comments).

Installation: Unzip the folder and put it in /Mods (not in another subfolder). It contains two files — one .package and one .ts4script –; you need both.

Download / Feedback

XML Extractor, Notepad++, Python 3.3, s4pe. The injector script is by scripthoge.