Tea for Children


This adds interactions for children to the tea and tea maker object tuning, so that they can have tea as well. Because why on earth should children not be allowed to drink tea?

Children will get the same tea drinking buffs as older sims, except for the Flirty one which is blacklisted for children by default. You can also use it with overrides such as this one (Plain Tea) or this (More Energy).

The tea machine interaction is a “Grab Serving” that uses the generic GrabFood animation (i.e. children will not take the teapot and pour tea like adults do, but simply grab a cup like they’d grab a bowl of food from a multi-serving bowl).

This only enables drinking tea and grabbing a cup from the pot, not making tea — children will still need to have it made for them. Works both for the Maxis tea machine and custom ones that use the same tuning (such as this teapot, which is also shown on the screenshots).

Installation: Unzip the folder and put it in /Mods. It contains two files (a .package and a .ts4script), you need both.

Download / Feedback

Notepad++, Python 3.3, s4pe.