Obsolete: Normal Eating (1.14 Spicy Food Fix)


This fixes the issue introduced with 1.14 where no matter what sims eat (except ice cream), they would inevitably have a “Woah spicy” reaction.

This has been fixed in 1.15.

The issue was caused by the following line in 02D5DF13-00000000-46523CF45EA9B890 and 02D5DF13-00000000-D8CFB5186BA4FFE9 (“Eat” and “Eat_atSurface” JAZZ tuning):

<Parameter name="consumable:taste" type="enum" labels="spicy,normal,freezing,popcorn" default="spicy" />

which I reset to default=”normal” like it was up to 1.13.

Overrides the abovementioned JAZZ tuning. Thanks to Lodakai and coolspear1 for 1.14 info and files, to kralore for testing, and to DonBabilon for helping me find people who would actually bother to test stuff instead of just whine about it.

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Scumbumbo/Deaderpool XML extractor (which also extracts binary JAZZ), BBEdit (the most bestest text editor on the planet), s4pe.