Two Soups


These are two custom foods, tomato soup and spinach cream soup. They are available on the base game and Cool Kitchen fridges and stoves, either in the Have/Serve Lunch and Have/Serve Dinner menus, or in a “Custom Foods” picker. You need to download Custom Food Interactions in order to use these.

Both soups require ingredients: 2 × tomato for the tomato soup, 2 × spinach for the spinach cream soup. This is per serving ‒ for a party-size group meal, you will need 16 tomatos / spinach (the existing picker menu only lists the ingredients for one serving, but the recipes actually use the correct amount). A mod that instills the same kind of logic into the Maxian base game recipes is available here (“More Logical Cooking”; this also overrides the “Ingredients” string with “Ingredients per Serving” to make this less confusing).

Required cooking skill: 2 (Homestyle Cooking)
Flat fee: 2§ per serving

When sims dump the finished soup into the serving bowl, the animation is using a light brown effect (see the spinach cream soup “prepare-4” screenshot) — this is part of the actual animation though, so I cannot easily change it. Is the same thing for a lot of the Maxis recipes as well (there are only four effects available, and lobster/pasta/shrimp would look even weirder for this).


This does not override anything so shouldn’t be very conflict-prone.

I started a thread on how to create custom foods here.


US English, Traditional Chinese (wuccwzt), Czech (Rynka_CS), Dutch (ElenaInTheSims), French (Damabiah), German (pbox), Italian (Eámanë), Polish (hubi98), Spanish (gato_24), Russian (igor97), Portuguese (simshout). Thank you!

Polygon Counts:

Soup Bowl, Single ‒ High Poly: 144V/164F
Soup Bowl, Single ‒ Low Poly: 115V/114F
Soup Bowl, Medium ‒ High Poly: 204V/252F
Soup Bowl, Medium ‒ Low Poly: 102V/108F
Soup Bowl, Large ‒ High Poly: 169V/252F
Soup Bowl, Large ‒ Low Poly: 87V/108F

Download / Feedback, TSRW/Milkshape, scumbumbo/Deaderpool XML Extractor, s4pe.