Basic Buy Whims/Edits


These are a bunch of edited and new whims / whim sets for basic buy whims.

I’ve split them up into four packages; here’s what each one does:

Build Pool Whim Override:

  • Changes the text so that it talks about building a pool, not buying a pool .. from Build Mode. That just sounds confused. Also skips the redundant “at least 1×1”, because how can a pool be any less than that size? The text override is US English only.
  • Resurrects the Build Pool whim icon that apparently went overboard at some point.
  • Filters the whim so that only adults with at least 3 Fitness and children with at least 6 Motor skill will get it.

Overrides 0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x00000000000195E0 Whim_BuyPool

Basic Buy Overrides:

  • Removes “Buy TV”, “Buy Computer”, and “Buy Dishwasher” from the “Basic” whimset, as that is quite high priority and those things are not basics IMO ‒ these whims are now in the additional set, see below
  • Also removes sofas and loveseats from the criteria for the “Buy Chair” whim, making it purely a chair whim (sofas and loveseats are split up and moved to the additional whimset below)
  • “Buy TV”, “Buy Computer”, “Buy Stereo” and “Buy Dishwasher” whims are tuned so that Frugal sims will not get them; Stereo gives 25 points instead of 50
  • “Buy a Book” is now triggered by not owning a book instead of by not owning a stove >.<

Overrides the following:
0x28B64675-0x00000000-0x000000000000905A whimset_BuyBasics
0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x000000000001DDBB Whim_BuyDishwasher
0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x0000000000012E30 Whim_BuyStereo
0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x000000000000889D Whim_BuyComputer
0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x0000000000006420 Whim_BuyTV
0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x0000000000009ABE Whim_BuyBook
0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x000000000000638E Whim_BuyChair
0x0069453E-0x00000000-0x00000000000062FF objective_Nochair

Whimset: Buy More Basics ‒ additional buy whims

  • Includes Buy Trashcan, Buy Counters, Buy Table, Buy Lights, and Buy Sink whims and objectives; they have a slightly lower priority than the above list
  • The Trashcan and Counter whims are for YA and older, Sink is for Teen and older, tables and lights for everyone

Whimset: Buy More Stuff ‒ More additional buy whims

  • Includes Buy TV, Buy Stereo, Buy Dishwasher, Buy Computer, Buy Mirror, Buy Sofa/Loveseat, and Buy Living Chair whims and objectives; they have a slightly lower priority than the above list (and are also not called “necessities” in the interface)
  • Frugal sims will not get the Sofa and Loveseat whims

I’ve used existing in-game icons where possible, the rest has a plain Simoleon icon. Made and tested in v1.13.

Download / Feedback

scumbumbo/Deaderpool XML Extractor, Notepad++, s4pe.