Simple Siding Add-On: Extra Colours/Overrides


Some more colour options for the Maxis “Simple Siding” walls. They are seamless, have automatic corners (with the less silly behaviour aka “More Corners”) and play nicely with the existing ones. I’d recommend to use this in conjunction with MoreCorners so that all walls behave the same.

Also included (separate package) is the missing straight version of the Maxis dark green, as well as overrides for the default pink and light “purple” (that sorta blue-ish light blue that cannot decide what colour it wants to be). All of them have straight, corner, and “two-bit” (edge on both sides) versions and are referencing in-game textures when possible so should not contain any clutter.

All walls can be found in the same thumbnails for the same price (§4) as their existing colleagues.



  • Six packages (one per colour) that contain the straight and corner version for each
  • One package that contains all of the “LR” (left/right corner) walls


  • CWAL edit that makes the straight (non-corner) version available separately


  • Two packages (pink, blue) that each include all three versions


s4pe, ModdingToolkit (aka Hasher; Fogity)