Functional Tea Pot


This is a tea pot that magically also boils water and beeps when it’s done (in other words, a tea brewing machine in the shape of a teapot).

Works exactly like the tea machine. The animations and effects are unchanged; they fit the pot mostly but not 100% — see the in-game screenshots: when they start brewing tea, sims throw the tea leaves somewhere in the air next to the pot (where the machine would be), and at the end when they pour tea into a cup, the tea looks like it’s being poured out of the lid rather than the spout (which is actually not too unlikely, given the way they are holding the pot >.<). The latter could be solved by making the pot less wide, but then it starts to look like a coffee pot, so I left it like this.

The mesh is a low-polyfied and edited version of the Utah teapot (specifically this incarnation); mapping and textures are by myself.

15 colour variants, 65§, found in Appliances.

The “Tea” option on the first screenshot is due to this mod.

Localisation: US English, Polish (Piesek64).

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 227V/376F
Low Poly: 183V/290F
Sun Shadow: 237V/382F

Download / Feedback

blender,, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe. Thanks to FH|RA for the heads-up on one of the material variants throwing script errors (fixed).