Country Kitchen


A full set of counters and cabinets in 12 colours, each with a few different countertops to choose from, so the counters have 34 colour variants all in all. The cabinets have an additional “No-Drop” version (which is also displayed when walls are down, so there won’t be obvious gaps in the kitchen when you use e.g. the tall cabinet like a cupboard).

These are matching the Maxis “Home is Where the Hutch is” dining hutch, and other Country objects derived from that.

A fridge for this kitchen (as a fitted cupboard, like the tall cabinet) is uploaded here.


  • Left and right end cabinets are the same width as the straight version, so they can be used alternatingly for more variety
  • No backsplash on the counters (wall-bound and free-standing models are identical)
  • The left-end (open shelf) and tall cabinets have custom slots so one can put stuff in those
  • The straight counters also have custom slots ‒ I moved the dishwasher slot a little further back because the counters are a little less deep than the Maxis ones, which means the Maxis dishwasher (and any custom ones that are the same size) will stick out at the back. It does not clip through the wall though, see screenshots (the “default” screenshot shows the unchanged original rig).
  • All of the other slots/rigs are referenced from Maxis counters/cabinets, so they will update automatically and you can also use overrides such as this one (corner appliance placement)

The counters cost 185§, the cabinets 125§. Found in Counters/Cabinets. Note that the No-Drop version is just an add-on; you need the actual cabinets as well for it to work. Textures are all referenced from the abovementioned dining hutch, including the three hidden colour options.

Note that these are quite a bit more detailed than similar base game objects (mostly due to the handles), so the high poly versions in particular have a higher poly count than usual.

Polygon Counts:

Counter, straight ‒ High Poly: 698V/340F
Counter, straight ‒ Low Poly: 203V/100F
Counter, straight ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 224V/342F
Counter, straight ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 60V/78F
Counter, left end ‒ High Poly: 582V/314F
Counter, left end ‒ Low Poly: 182V/90F
Counter, left end ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 210V/318F
Counter, left end ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 62V/82F
Counter, right end ‒ High Poly: 582V/314F
Counter, right end ‒ Low Poly: 182V/90F
Counter, right end ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 210V/318F
Counter, right end ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 62V/82F

Counter, outer corner ‒ High Poly: 717V/342F
Counter, outer corner ‒ Low Poly: 195V/102F
Counter, outer corner ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 230V/352F
Counter, outer corner ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 66V/88F

Counter, inner corner ‒ High Poly: 304V/146F
Counter, inner corner ‒ Low Poly: 155V/80F
Counter, inner corner ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 121V/164F
Counter, inner corner ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 85V/112F

Cabinet, straight ‒ High Poly: 330V/242F
Cabinet, straight ‒ Low Poly: 289V/126F
Cabinet, straight ‒ Sun Shadow: 116V/188F

Cabinet, tall (cupboard) ‒ High Poly: 1.439V/1.072F
Cabinet, tall (cupboard) ‒ Low Poly: 959V/680F
Cabinet, tall (cupboard) ‒ Sun Shadow: 448V/686F

Cabinet, short ‒ High Poly: 360V/250F
Cabinet, short ‒ Low Poly: 312V/134F
Cabinet, short ‒ Sun Shadow: 117V/189F

Cabinet, outer corner ‒ High Poly: 542V/320F
Cabinet, outer corner ‒ Low Poly: 366V/187F
Cabinet, outer corner ‒ Sun Shadow: 126V/210F

Cabinet, inner corner ‒ High Poly: 756V/388F
Cabinet, inner corner ‒ Low Poly: 647V/316F
Cabinet, inner corner ‒ Sun Shadow: 74V/120F

Cabinet, left end (open shelf) ‒ High Poly: 210V/100F
Cabinet, left end (open shelf) ‒ Low Poly: 210V/100F
Cabinet, left end (open shelf) ‒ Sun Shadow: 26V/42F

Cabinet, right end (glass doors) ‒ High Poly: 573V/402F
Cabinet, right end (glass doors) ‒ Low Poly: 421V/269F
Cabinet, right end (glass doors) ‒ Sun Shadow: 116V/188F

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe, HexEdit.