SCargeaux Cupboard and Fridge


This is a fridge that matches the Maxis “SCargeaux” kitchen, in two versions: one with a fridge interior, and one with a cupboard interior (for households where an electric fridge may not seem appropriate). The exterior is identical in both versions.

Both have five colour variants, referenced from the “SCargeaux” cabinets. They cost 1.600§ each; tuning is that of the “Splendid” fridge which means they *can* break and be repaired (the cupboard too, even though it looks un-electric).

Polygon Counts:

Fridge, high poly: 757V/788F
Fridge, mid poly: 512V/468F
Fridge, low poly: 134F/98F

Cupboard, high poly: 701V/676F
Cupboard, mid poly: 444V/348F
Cupboard, low poly: 296V/194F

These do not have extra sun shadows.


blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.