Mega (Double Budget Etc) Window Add-Ons II


These are some add-ons to the Maxis “Mega Double Budget Grand Deluxe DeLite” window (the large two-tile one with 12 colour variants):

  • Full-width single tile window, tall
  • Full-width single tile window, medium
  • Tag fixes for the original window
  • Additional “double sided” colour variants for the original window ‒ coloured on one side, white on the other (the new ones also have those)

More add-ons (regular single-tile window (one-tile and two-tile), single-tile counter-height window) are here.

Both full-with windows come in all colour variants of the original, plus the double-sided ones (23 all in all). The medium height window costs 110§, the tall one 120§ (original is 230§). All textures are referenced from the original, so any overrides for that will also work for these.

The new colour variants for the original window are in the same thumbnail with that (since they aren’t really recolours in the sense of new textures).

The tag fixes add in the missing colour swatch for one of the GP01 variants and correct colour tags for all of them.

Note that eight of the colour variants were added with GP01 (the free holiday patch in December 2014), so you need to have that for those to show up.

Polygon Counts:

Tall window, high poly: 262V/144F
Tall window, low poly: 108V/76F
Tall window, high poly sun shadow: 40V/60F
Tall window, low poly sun shadow: 8V/12F

Medium window, high poly: 244V/152F
Medium window, low poly: 118V/86F
Medium window, high poly sun shadow: 44V/72F
Medium window, low poly sun shadow: 8V/12F

The mesh for the original-window recolours is unchanged.

Download / Feedback

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.