BlandCo Recolours + No-Splash version


Ten recolours for the Maxis BlandCo kitchen: counters, islands, cabinets, plus an additional No-Drop version for the cabinets.
The countertop textures are referenced from the original colour variants or using the dark wood from this upload (wood countertops for the original variants — this texture is included here as well so you don’t need to download that), so they match those exactly.

The counters have an additional version without backsplash. Note that this is an add-on, you need the regular version as well for it to work. No-backsplash versions of the Maxis counters are here.

They cost the same as the original items and are in the same location (No-Drop cabinets are in Cabinets too); rigs/slots are referenced so they should work with any updates as well. Note that you need the actual recolour package in order to be able to use the No-Drop one, that is just an add-on and won’t work on its own.

The orange counter is slightly too dark on the screenshot but that is fixed in the file I uploaded.



TSRW,, s4pe.