Tall Order Add-Ons


This is the Maxis Tall Order window separated into the window (one- and two-tile) and shutters, so that it can be used more flexibly. The shutter also fits two of the Mega windows, see screenshots.

The shutter has nine colour variants, the windows have seven (because the original with red and black shutters have white windows so I didn’t put those in). All textures are referenced so they will also pick up the overrides like the ones from here if you have them. Windows are in Windows (55§), the shutter is in Build > Wall Attachments (45§).

Polygon Counts:

Window, High/Mid Poly: 184V/100F
Window, Low Poly: 64V/40F
Window, High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 36V/72F
Window, Low Poly Sun Shadow: 17V/22F

Shutter, High/Mid Poly: 68V/40F
Shutter, Low Poly: 16V/8F
Shutter, High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 16V/24F
Shutter, Low Poly Sun Shadow: 16V/8F

Download / Feedback

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.