Bolzenschneider ‒ 3BR 2BA


A comfortable house for 4‒6 sims: three bedrooms (one of them empty), two baths, open dining and kitchen, living room, and another empty room that could be used as a study or nursery. Plus front and back porch and a small balcony on the back side.

Required CC:
Two-Tile “Octopane” Window
The Harbinger Fridge

Recommended CC:
More Corners for Maxis Siding (Clapboard Crush)
Clapboard Crush Add-On: Left/Right Edge

This will fit on a 15×20 lot as shown (prices given below are including a 1.500§ lot).

Installation: Unzip and put the package in /Mods.

See here for how to package lots (this works the same way for sims). To uninstall, delete the package ‒ if you “delete” a lot from the Library, it is only being hidden and will remain hidden if you decide to re-download. See also this post (same thread):

The game creates a TrayDeletedItems file telling which items were “deleted” (in truth, hidden from the Gallery). If you ever want to see those items again, delete the “TrayDeletedItems” file.

Download / Feedback

Lot Size: 15×20
Lot Price (furnished): 58.212§