Alternate Goth Mansion, no CC


This was originally meant to become an overhaul of the existing lot, but it turned out so different that it’s now more of an alternate version. The interior is still kind of similar but it has an addtional top floor and basement now, and the exterior doesn’t resemble the original lot very much any more.

4 bedrooms as before ‒ one of them is still empty ‒, 6 bathrooms (most of them half baths), several living/music/hobby rooms.

If you want to edit this and put it back in the Library, you should download my “Liberated” stuff (mostly the grass/reeds), otherwise those items won’t be shareable.

Installation: Unzip and put the package in /Mods.

See here for how to package lots (this works the same way for sims). To uninstall, delete the package ‒ if you “delete” a lot from the Library, it is only being hidden and will remain hidden if you decide to re-download. See also this post (same thread):

The game creates a TrayDeletedItems file telling which items were “deleted” (in truth, hidden from the Gallery). If you ever want to see those items again, delete the “TrayDeletedItems” file.

Download / Feedback

Prices below are on the original lot (which costs 5.500§).

Lot Size: 20×30
Lot Price (furnished): 306.230§