Sinalco ‒ 4BR 2BA, no CC


This is one of the oldest lots in my game, re-made without CC: it’s technically not quite a starter house any more, but with a little less furniture it would be. Of course it also depends on how many sims you move in; with four bedrooms (two furnished and two empty) and 1.5 baths it’s suitable for a small family or a bunch of room mates.

The way I used it (some sims who moved in together but didn’t have much to do with each other) it didn’t really have or need a living room; the large eat-in kitchen with sofa was enough ‒ but one can of course turn one of the bedrooms into a living room as well.

Some of the clutter on the kitchen shelf is in-game props; I made a “Liberated” version of that but haven’t uploaded that yet .. so if you want the exact same bottles etc, you’ll have to do this (objects.gsi_create_obj <objectID>) or use a clone.

Installation: Unzip and put the package in /Mods.

See here for how to package lots (this works the same way for sims). To uninstall, delete the package ‒ if you “delete” a lot from the Library, it is only being hidden and will remain hidden if you decide to re-download. See also this post (same thread):

The game creates a TrayDeletedItems file telling which items were “deleted” (in truth, hidden from the Gallery). If you ever want to see those items again, delete the “TrayDeletedItems” file.

Download / Feedback

Lot Size: 20×30
Lot Price (furnished): 24.098§