Metal Table 2×1 with Lino/Wood Top


The two-tile metal table from this post with lino and wood finishes instead of glass. A one-tile table with the same lino tops is here.

The zip contains three separate packages:

  • Simplicity: Wood finish from the Maxis “Simplicity” dining table, 6 variants
  • Lino: Six variants from the Maxis “BlandCo” counters plus four custom ones, same as on this table (1×1)
  • Atwood: Wood finish from the Maxis “Ate&Salvage” dining table, 9 variants

All of the Maxis textures are referenced directly.

Available in Dining and Patio tables for 465§; they are in the same thumbnail with the glass-topped table if you have that.


Polygon Counts:

High/Mid Poly: 244V/188F
Sun Shadow: 108V/172F

Download / Feedback

blender,, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.