Harriett ‒ 2BR 2BA, no CC


This is a small, rustic cabin suitable for 3‒4 sims (it is furnished for three). Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, separate kitchen and dining room.

Note that due to the open stairway, the roof will poke through the wall of the upper landing in walls-up view ‒ it’s not really an issue for gameplay though, since one will hardly ever have the walls up in Live mode.

Recommended custom content: Liberated Grass/Reeds from here ‒ I’m not sure if the reeds in front will show up otherwise; in any case they won’t have a proper name and description.

Prices below are when placed on a 20×30 lot, it fits on a 15×20 as well.

Installation: Unzip and put the package in /Mods.

See here for how to package lots (this works the same way for sims). To uninstall, delete the package ‒ if you “delete” a lot from the Library, it is only being hidden and will remain hidden if you decide to re-download. See also this post (same thread):

The game creates a TrayDeletedItems file telling which items were “deleted” (in truth, hidden from the Gallery). If you ever want to see those items again, delete the “TrayDeletedItems” file.

Download / Feedback

Lot Size: 20×30
Lot Price (furnished): 42.478§