Mega Column (Very Basic)


This is a simplified version of the Maxis “Mega (Basic)” column. It’s available both as a regular column and as deco version that can be moved off the grid. Both versions work for all wall heights.

The regular version is in Colums, the deco one in Roof Attachments (like the other move-off-grid-able deco columns from here and here). Both cost 85§, all colour variants of the original included (all are referenced).

Please note that this does not have object states (not on the column version either), so if you put this on a wall it will remain a regular column instead of turning into a half/quarter/etc version. Intersecting with fences works fine though (i.e. the fences will hide their fenceposts where the column is). The bottom edge is slightly below ground level so it’ll stack nicely with existing columns, there is no gap between the floors.

Does not fade when the camera is zoomed in (as of some patch version, this means one needs to remove 0x3F0AA51B (1057662235); Data: 0x00000000 from the MATD; not sure when this was changed exactly).

Polygon Counts: 84V/44F; sun shadow: 12V/12F

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s4pe, Milkshape/TSRW.