Half-Open Cabin Blinds


These are half-open versions of my Less Gigantic Cabin Blinds. They are edited to let more light through, as well.

They have the same 9 colour variants as the original (all of them referenced to the Maxis object) and will sort with the existing “Less Gigantic” one-tile blinds and the two-tile Maxis blinds (the swatches are sorted so that the half-open versions come first). They also cost the same as those (55§ and 95§).

In 1.10 or later you can switch between half-open and closed versions with the in-game design tool (you don’t need to re-buy the object to open or close it). Note that the shape will not immediately change (only the colour) as long as you still have it selected, but when you let go the correct model is being applied. I also updated the Cabin Slats Add-Ons so they behave the same way.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 252V/144F
Mid Poly: 174V/102F
Sun Shadow: 100V/100F

(Same for both objects)
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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.