Simple Metal Tables


These are two glass-topped metal tables that match the Maxis “Drafting Table”. The small table with linoleum top instead of glass is available here.

Ten colour variants each (various shades of metal), referenced from the abovementioned drafting table. The small table costs 285§, the large one 465§; they are both in Dining and Patio tables. The chair used on the screenshots is the Maxis “Termagant” with this mesh override.

I believe sims’ feet will still slightly clip into the legs of the two-tile table when they sit at the short ends (I didn’t check again after the last edit), but it’s not really terrible .. I didn’t want to move the legs further inwards because that started to look funny.

Polygon Counts:

One-Tile, High/Mid Poly: 244V/188F
One-Tile, Sun Shadow: 98V/152F
Two-Tile, High/Mid Poly: 244V/188F
Two-Tile, Sun Shadow: 108V/172F
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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.