Mega (Double Budget Grand Deluxe Delite) Window Add-Ons


These are three additional windows that match the Maxis “Mega (Double Budget Grand Deluxe Delite)”: a tall single-width window in two versions (one- and two-tile placement), and a single-tile counter-height window. On the left on the screenshot above is the original window.

Some more add-ons for this window (full width tall and medium versions, and additional colour combinations) are here.


All of these come in 12 colour variants like the original; eight of the colours were added with the Holiday patch (December 2014) so you need to have that for those to show up. Textures are referenced as usual. The tall windows cost 115§ and the counter-height one 65§.

Polygon Counts:

Counter-height window, High/Mid Poly: 256V/172F
Counter-height window, Low Poly: 117V/73F
Counter-height window, High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 48V/64F
Counter-height window, Low Poly Sun Shadow: 12V/20F

Tall windows, High/Mid Poly: 220V/136F
Tall windows, Low Poly: 100V/64F
Tall windows, High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 48V/64F
Tall windows, Low Poly Sun Shadow: 12V/20F


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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.