Mega Dining Chair Recolours / Override


These are 23 additional colour variants for the Maxis “Mega” dining chair, using the mesh from this override which is also included for the Maxis colour variants.

This means you should remove that mesh override if you are already using it; it contains the same model as this one but does not have the additional colours. The textures used here are identical with the ones for the Solid Chair (I’ve included them in the package so you don’t need to download that; they will only be loaded once though since the IDs are the same).

The recolours will be added to the existing catalogue item; they are sorted by wood colour. Texture overrides for the original colours will still work with this. The Recolourable Craftables also have an additional package for the craftable dining chair that makes use of these recolours.

Polygon Counts:

High/Mid Poly: 438V/290F
Low Poly: 296V/170F

High Poly Sun Shadow: 152V/220F
Mid/Low Poly Sun Shadow: 134V/144F

Download / Feedback

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.