CanOFlage Outdoor Planter


This is the Maxis “CanOFlage Outdoor Trash Receptacle” deprived of its receptacling abilities (as well as the ability to be kicked over and rummaged in and whatever else sims can do with trashcans), so that it can be used as a planter without sims being able to mess with it. I liked the ideas in this thread at mts (Jools, FH|RA, Inge and others), just thought it might be a little impractical to use actual trash cans for that.

Three colour variants, available in Build Mode > Trees for 75§. Can intersect everything (walls too) without using moveobjects. Doesn’t override anything; the actual trashcan will continue to be a trashcan.

This is just a catalog object, it does not contain a mesh or textures.

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