Craftables made recolourable


This gives the four mission-style woodwork craftables the same colour options that the regular buyable items have. Because why would a handmade item be less configurable than a store-bought one?

The additional package makes the dining chair recolours from here available for the craftable dining chair too. You need to download the actual recolours as well, otherwise it won’t work.

Screenshots are taken using the Mega chair mesh override (the craftable items are identical with the catalogue ones, so they will use the same overrides). The dining table is also included, my sims only didn’t have one at hand.

This does not make these objects buyable; they will be hidden in the catalogue as before and cannot be copied in Build mode. (Which means if your sims want that end table to radiate decorativeness, they still need to make it themselves.)

Please note that there are aspiration goals like “Craft 2 Barstools” (Mixologist) that will not be fulfilled when you use this mod ‒ this is because they rely on the catalogue sorting tags that I had to remove since I don’t want them to be in the catalogue.

Overrides the following resources:

COBJ 0x000000000000A5DF barstool
COBJ 0x000000000000B9BD dining chair
COBJ 0x000000000000A622 end table
COBJ/OBJD 0x000000000000A620 dining table

and adds custom COBJ/OBJDs for all of the other colour variants.

Download: /