Slurp / Counter Slurp


These are two bars re-meshed from the Maxis “Sloop” bar but smaller (two tiles wide instead of four); the Counter Slurp fits between counters instead of islands. They should integrate seamlessly with anything BlandCo.

Note that the Counter Slurp (on the pic above) does not have seating/eating slots! If you want to put barstools, use the Slurp or put counter islands next to it.

Found in Bars for 400§; twelve colour options each. All body textures are referenced from the Sloop bar; the wood tops are identical with the counter/island tops from here.

There are two little mapping oddities in the Blandco stuff that I had to keep in (or else it wouldn’t match): the texture is bent slightly downwards on the sides (one can also see this on the island counter on the screenshot above: the horizontal lines on the white part don’t quite line up with the bar; this would be the same if it were a counter), and the top of the Counter Slurp will only be seamless when it is put between counters without backsplash (even when the texture is identical ‒ because they are mapped differently from the backsplash ones for no good reason at all).

Slurp is referencing one of the Maxis rigs/rslts; the Counter Slurp has a custom one with some deco slots added to the built-in shelf. Screenshots are taken using Sloop texture overrides from here (by default the green and white variants will be grey and pink like the Maxis stuff); a shader edit for cabinets (so that they match the counters) is available here; the cabinet-fitting fridge depicted above is from here.

Polygon Counts:

Slurp: 1058V/824F
Slurp Sun Shadow: 200V/331F
Counter Slurp: 1141V/936F
Counter Slurp Sun Shadow: 320V/532F

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.