Less silly counter corner appliance placement


This is a rig/rslt override for counter corners (both with and without backsplash) that moves diagonally-placed small appliances back a little bit. Because every time I see the default placement of those coffee machines I have visions of hot liquids and second-degree burns and crying sims =( .. seriously, who would place a coffee machine like that?

Works for all of the base game counters (it may or may not work for EP/GP/SP counters too; I don’t have those so I can’t tell) and also with custom counters / clones / recolours that reference the original rig/rslt (such as these).

Note that microwaves will now clip into the backsplash and wall a little bit when you use this (they can still be placed normally though, no bb.moveobjects needed). This is unavoidable since they are using the same slot; it is not really noticeable from the front though. Also note that when you remove this mod, appliances that are placed on those slots will be dumped into the household inventory (this might very well happen when putting it in too; I haven’t seen it myself but that might just be because I didn’t have any appliances in corners so far).

This overrides the _RIG/RSLT 0x196F02112197A0C7 and 0xF7134681C737056E.

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