BlandCo Wood Countertops


These are some wood countertops for the Maxis “BlandCo” counters and islands ‒ they only contain the countertop diffuse textures, all of the other ones are referenced from the original items so they will match them exactly and also pick up any texture overrides you already have.

Same goes for other overrides such as this rig edit (corner appliance placement).

Compatibility: These are working fine with the dishwasher from 1.10 (2015-08-06 patch), no changes / “fixes” necessary.

Three of the colour variants have a lightwood top, the other three dark wood; the texture is identical for each wood colour. The round corner/end parts aren’t seamless on my screenshots because I placed them “the wrong way around” as far as the game is concerned; it does the same thing with other counters too though.

The counters have an alternate no-backsplash version, see the last two screenshots. These are a standalone package; you can use either the regular version or the no-splash one or both. See here for no-splash versions of the Maxis counters.

The counters and islands cost the same as the Maxis ones; I’ve put them in the same catalogue thumbnail as well.

Note that all screenshots are taken using texture overrides from this post which replace the umm .. non-top (body? bottom?) part of the pink counters and islands with green and of the grey ones with white; this is not included with this upload. I would also recommend to get the shader edit for the cabinets from that upload so that they will match the counters at all (this is also used in the screenshots).

The tile panels on the screenshots are here / here / here. Two small bars that also have these wood tops are available here.

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