Vase for Garden Flowers


This is a small empty vase that can hold up to three of those garden flowers that are otherwise just being useless. Sage also looks good in it (perhaps other herbs too, but my sims don’t have any at the moment). It is re-meshed from the Single Rose but a little smaller and rounder than that.

Two flowers can be stuck in just so; for the third one you need to turn on bb.moveobjects (because the feetprint of the flowers get in each other’s way). Three colour options, available in Plants for 35§.

Known issues / tips:

  • Be aware that it is very fiddly to get any flowers out of the vase again manually, but one can simply move the whole vase to the household inventory which will separate it from its contents.
  • If you end up with an already-rotated flower floating somewhere, it’ll be difficult to grab or sledgehammer for the same reason (a very flat item becomes a very thin item when it is rotated .. there is not much one can aim at to get ahold of it). Try placing a random other item near it and drag-sledgehammer both, that should work.
  • Harvestables randomly changing size when placed somewhere seems to be a common game issue (I see it mostly with fruits/vegetables but I’m also using those a lot more often than flowers). You can enlarge/shrink them with the [ and ] keys (or ß and ´, whichever the keys are next to Backspace on the keyboard you have) when moveobjects is active. Thanks to WeeAlbet for the last two tips! =)


This requires 1.8 or 1.9 or above in order to work; for me it’s been fine 1.9.80. Also, in 1.10 flowers and herbs aren’t properly lit; this was a game issue and had nothing do to with this object. This is fixed meanwhile.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 88V/112F
Mid Poly: 33V/32F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 57V/110F
Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 17V/30F

Download / Feedback

TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.