Photos and Frames: Historical Buildings


These are 25 photos of buildings from the TS2 era, with a separate frame in 18 colour variants.

The frame is basically the same as the ones in this post, only smaller (it is the same width as the Small one); it will fit around Medium and Small sim paintings too if you shift it up/down a little. It is referencing all textures from the Maxis “Roman Temple”, “Treebra” and Moochi-Something paintings.

The photos are using the textures I made for this upload (2009/TS2). Most screenshots were taken by the respective creators, a few by myself; I edited almost all of them in some way. The buildings on the photos (all of them hosted on mts) and builders of the buildings are:

014 Ocean Grove by keef1973
02Hydra Town Square by V1nd1care
03Bermude Resort by alex_stanton1983
0411 Ocean Grove by keef1973
05Little Mill House by shery00
06Old Sherbrooke by Xianny
07Villa “Gehben” by lacrisa
08Pushing Daisies by V1nd1care
09Small Town House by hasel
10Georgian Beach House by mazyte1975
11Claire’s Grocery by thewestkid11
122 Wee Way by twoflower
13SoHo Downtown by Rosehill9991
14Sims Aveniu No.12 by mazyte1975
15Ocean Drive 02 by Bite_My_Tongue
16Neo-Gothic Victorian by simon007
17Rugged Barn Outfitters by thewestkid11
18Simton Railway Station by leesester
19Campus Boutiques by Margierytka
20Fishhead Hotel by myself
21Katamari Village Karaoke Buildings by squeam

The other ones are by myself (the harbour in Elsewhere but there is no lot upload for that) plus two additional versions of Little Mill House.

The frame costs 20§, the paintings 85§; both are in Deco > Paintings.

Polygon Counts:

Photo: 40V/30F
Frame: 100V/72F
Sun shadows: 8V/12F



blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.