“Distraction” Book Table + Texture Override


This is a side-table-shaped bookcase that matches the Maxis “Deep Thoughts”. It is not a reward object and should be a nice alternative when the Deep Thoughts is a little too large and clunky.

It has two slots on top and seven colour variants, all referenced from the “Deep Thoughts” (one of the colour variants is not available on the original for no particular good reason). I also made texture overrides for all variants that make the books a little less shadowy and discoloured; the wood textures are unchanged.

Available in Bookcases for 645§ (not 445§, the catalogue screenshot is lying).

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 1252V/856F
Mid Poly: 1202V/784F
Sun Shadow: 449V/712F

Downloads: booktable_distraction.zip / Texture Overrides


blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.