Painting Wall Holder ‒ Lean Anywhere


This is a little wall holder for sim-painted paintings that can be used to lean paintings to the wall pretty much anywhere. It comes in three variants for the small, medium and large paintings (since the paintings need to be mounted closer or further from the wall depending on their height, so that the top touches the wall exactly).

The objects act similar to a wall shelf; they can intersect with the floor and with other objects. Paintings remain fully interactable when they are mounted and can be moved on/off the holder in Live Mode as well.

Note that the various Maxis surfaces don’t always have the exact same height; one will sometimes need hold alt and move the painting holder a litte up/down to account for that.

The painting holders are in Surfaces > Displays and cost 10§/15§/20§ respectively. One colour option each which is referenced from the “Raw” wall shelf.


Known issues:

  • 2015-03-10: When a painting is placed onto the holder and then the lot/room/house is rotated in Build Mode, the painting will diappear. This is an issue inherited from the Maxis easel (they’re going to look at it but before they haven’t fixed it I doubt I can do anything about it).
  • Some users reported that they get a “Can’t Intersect Object” message when trying to use these — this is fixed and shouldn’t happen with the current version. See this thread for details; many thanks to SGMS for helping to figure out what the issue was!

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 144V/120F
Mid Poly: 104V/80F
Sun Shadow: 48V/76F

Download / Feedback

TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.