Longsleeve Equality + Recolours


These are three things rolled into one:

  • A CASP edit that makes the boy-only Maxis longsleeves available for girls too
  • 40 recolours of said longsleeve which are unisex
  • Texture overrides for four of the existing variants ‒ no dramatic change, just a little added contrast and desaturation

All of the recolours are solid colours; most of them combinations of bright and less bright colours so one should always find something to match. They are available in Tops > T-Shirts right next to the original item; I’ve split them up into two thumbnails since 40 variants in one will mess with the CAS UI.

Download / Feedback

TS4CASTools, Paint.net, s4pe.

The sims on the screenshots are wearing some hairs from here and here, this skirt, and Helianthea’s Super Bland Comic Eyes (defaults).